Dream Market Phishing Site

Dream Market Phishing Site
  • Added by: blackwebdev
  • Description: NEW MEMBER!!!Providing custom made phishing web sites. I am a university Computing and IT student. I took on the task of making a phishing site for DreamMarket and made such a good job of replicating every detail that I found this place to start selling my creations. For more information and proof about this project I can provide you with screenshots of the site and small amounts of source code to prove I ain't a bullshitter with no product to offer.Currently I have a Dream Market phishing site made with HTML, CSS and PHP, at the moment it is capable of phishing usernames and passwords. I am currently working on the security pin retrieval then two factor authentication (pgp). Once the DreamMarket project is complete I will be moving onto creating other phishing projects.My sites will come with an MD5 Hashsum so you can be sure your files have came from the original source.
  • Price: $30
  • Contacts: blckwebdev@protonmail.com
  • Tags: phishing, drugs, bitcoin
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